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Recipe by Tom Hunt author of The Natural Cook.

An all time summer favourite of mine and so quick to make. I like to experiment with different fillings and fruits. Summer pudding is best made the day before so the bread can soak up the juices and set. Sourdough works very well as it is digestible and soaks up all the lovely juices from the fruit.

serves 4-6

500g mixed summer fruits such as strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, red currants, and cherries
1/2 lemon juiced (save the other half to dress meat, fish or salad)
50g + honey, or to taste
25ml gin or any spirit you have available
4-6 slices sourdough bread cut 1-2 cm thick (crusts removed – dry in the oven to make croutons)
1 litre pudding basin
125ml + double cream to serve

Extra summer fruits to serve (optional)



Put the mixed summer fruits in a saucepan. Add the lemon juice, honey, gin or other spirit if using and 50ml of water. Check the sweetness, add more honey if required. Place a lid on top and bring to the boil, remove from the heat, then put to one side.


Line the pudding basin with the slices of bread. Place a disk of bread in the bottom, then run pieces up the sides, overlapping them slightly. Press the joins together to seal them with a little dab of water. Fill the bread case with the summer fruits, saving a few tablespoons of the juice. Cover the top with bread and seal against the walls.

Place a small plate on top and then a weight on top of that. I use my pestle and mortar but anything clean and heavy will do.

The next day, carefully turn the pudding out onto a plate. Use the saved juices to paint over the top to freshen it up. Serve with plenty of fresh cream.


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