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“Cooking is a great activity to do with children as it gives them the opportunity to learn and practice a whole range of skills. It also helps them to understand more about where their food comes from” says Sue Burton, the Founder and Head Chef of The Red Field Kitchen, a catering enterprise that supplies lunches to four local primary schools in Somerset.

The Red Field Kitchen has recently embarked on a new project to teach children to cook, “it’s a sort of modern twist on what used to called Home Economics when I was at school” Sue added.  Run from their state of the art kitchens in an old dairy in the Somerset countryside these sessions are designed to give children the basics and something nice to take home to their parents at the end.

To some people cooking with children is their worst nightmare but Sue has spent many years doing it and says that the secret is all in the detail. “You do need patience but if you enjoy it then the children will too and the look on their faces when what they have made comes out the oven is priceless.”

As part of the planning for the session, the children get to choose their recipe before they get to the kitchens. Once there they all get into their aprons and are taught the basic skills they will need to make the recipe. The three things you must do when cooking with children is to allow plenty of time as they are just learning; have lots of patience and expect even more mess.


Sue brings the same level of passion into these sessions that she brings to the school lunches she cooks, where her main focus is the health and well-being of pupils she cooks for. Sue works closely with a nutritionist to ensure that all of her meals are nutritious and that they consistently get the balance right for the children, helping them achieve their best both in and outside of school. I believe that children at school should get the best quality available that is why everything we serve is made from scratch every day with fresh ingredients.

Sue set up The Red Field Kitchen more than 5 years ago to deliver great home cooked food using the finest local ingredients. As a company they are committed to producing appetising and appealing food that is both nutritious and tastes great. Only using meat from local butchers, sustainable fish; local free-range eggs and vegetables sourced from within a 20mile radius. As head chef and owner of The Red Field Kitchen, Sue has worked in catering for more than 30 years and is passionate about creating great food for children and adults alike.


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