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Butternut Squash:  With a rich history on all five continents, butternut squash’s true origin remains a  bit of a mystery, although its versatility is appreciated by many cultures and cuisines to this day.


Pears:  Perfect in pastry, salads, cakes and puddings, pear is best enjoyed right about now as it comes to the height of its season. Many varieties are grown globally, but only a handful of varieties are readily available in the UK.


October is the month of the British apple, with autumn gardens, hedgerows and orchards brimming with thousands of delicious varieties.  Its versatility and resourcefulness undoubtedly makes it Blighty’s most reliable and widely use fruit.  Whether in the form of dry scrumpy cider, the perfect accompaniment to a Sunday roast


Chard: Also known as beet leaf, chard is a leafy vegetable popular in Mediterranean cooking. Belonging to the Chenopod family along with the likes of beetroot, spinach and quinoa, chard is highly regarded in the health foods market as an excellent source of vitamin K, A, C and E as well as being iron and […]