A delicious sweet addition to your Christmas table, these spiced pears offer fantastic festive flavour and are bang on season.  Simply toss in a little spice and oil and roast alongside your meat for the last 30 minutes of cooking.

(serves 2)

Tip:  Select fairly firm pears to ensure they hold form whilst roasting

3 – 4 pears
1 – 2 tbsp rapeseed oil
2 tbsp mixed spice
Salt and pepper


Wash the pears before slicing into halves or quarters depending on their size.  Place in a bowl along with the remaining ingredients.  Carefully toss the pears in the oil and spice.

Remove the meat from the oven with 30 minutes left of cooking.  Place the pears around the bird or joint and return to the oven.

When cooked, remove from the oven tray and cover to keep warm whilst the meat rests.  Serve on the carving board alongside the meat.

Recipe + Photo by Helen Upshall

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