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The Bristol Skipchen: A community food waste cafe operating on a pay-as-you-feel basis in the heart of Bristol which serves up food that has been donated, found on farmland or in supermarket and restaurant skips. Foodstuffs that are past their sell-by date but still perfectly safe and edible to eat. They never order in supplies!

Launched by The Real Junk Food Project, Skipchen is a collaborative effort to create radical change in our food system and tackle the problem of  15 million tons of food going to waste a year in the U.K due to stringent and confusing food safety legislation.

Every night a team of volunteers intercept food that would otherwise go to waste from anywhere and everywhere; food banks that can’t shift a shipment of sugar that’s started to harden, supermarkets that have mislabelled thousands of eggs, food photographers with dozens of salmon left over from a shoot and the contents of a neighbour’s broken freezer. The list of potential donors is endless and it means that the variety of ingredients is equally varied.

As well as the clear environmental benefits of reducing edible food waste, the project aims to be as inclusive and democratic as possible. This is achieved by operating a strictly Pay-as-you-feel (PAYF) policy, providing an alternative to only financial exchanges. PAYF liberates us to use our skills and attributes, as well as money to pay for our meals, and revalue our relationships with food as well as each other.


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