In Issue Nº11 we celebrated the end of 2015 with a nod to DAIRY. We welcomed Yeo Valley – a much-loved brand that has played a central role in the development of ethical, organic dairy farming in the UK. We met Garth Clark, the inspiring managing director of the farming side of Yeo Valley, and a forward-thinking farmer with a passion for protecting and preserving the land for future generations. We also took a look at some brilliant initiatives that are helping spearhead a new generation of farmers. In the kitchen, we met Paul Collins, the Executive Chef at Yeo Valley canteen – a chef that prides himself on creating honest real food. Paul created a few lovely winter dishes for us, including the tastiest Beef Stroganoff you’ll ever have the pleasure of eating. We got festive and cooked up a tasty, sustainable, stress-free alternative to the traditional giant turkey. Plus, we shared a few tips on how to reduce our Christmas food waste. (read more…)



In Issue Nº10 we celebrated the versatile GOAT. ‘KID’ goat to be specific. We met James Whetlor, the man adding value to this previously wasted resource, and we found out what the rest of the world has known for a long time; Goat’s meat is delicious! We met goat farmers and cheese makers, Will and Caroline Atkinson, the lovely folk working alongside James to end this senseless waste. We had a chat with Gelf Alderson, the Head Chef at River Cottage HQ and found out more about River Cottage’s SLOW food philosophy. Gelf also shared a couple of his favourite autumn dishes. We shone a spotlight on glorious goat’s cheese and discovered how six ‘hairy conservationists’ are helping restore the famous rare and endangered plants around the Avon Gorge in Bristol. Add the usual bounty of seasonal ingredients, a ton of tasty, seasonal recipes, and if we do say so ourselves, it was a pretty good read. (read more…)



In Issue Nº9 we celebrated DORSET GIN. A beautifully crafted spirit that is best sipped, savoured and enjoyed with real food. Our featured distiller, Rupert Holloway, shared why he decided to open the first gin distillery in Dorset and produce a top-notch small batch spirit representative of the Dorset landscape. We took a look at the long and turbulent history of British Gin and we met Sophia Urwin, a talented bartender in Bournemouth that creates wonderful cocktails inspired by both the seasons and flavour combinations. Sophia shared a few delicious classic recipes that every gin lover should know by heart. We foraged for sloes and turned them into the much-loved Christmas tipple. Plus, there was the usual seasonal ingredients to learn about and a ton of tasty recipes. (read more…)



For our special ‘HARVEST’ issue we celebrated the bounty of locally grown ingredients on the table in September. From patch to plate, it was time to harvest, cook up and preserve the last of the summer tastes. Our featured growing duo, Andy and Sally, showed us around the brand new Good Mud Growing Project in Cornwall, and talked about the importance of raising our future food growers. Community Chef/Baker, Francis Parody-Candea shared a couple of tasty kid-friendly recipes, plus there was a few handy tips that encouraged kids to get growing and cooking. We explored the world of food preservation and continued our hunt for wild edible treasures. We met Josh Macdonald-Johson, the head chef at the Pickle Shack and he shared a beautiful harvest inspired recipe. Plus, there was our regular bits and bobs focusing on connecting people to real food and learning how to support our local food growers. (read more…)



In Issue Nº7 we celebrated the ingredient POSTCODE HONEY. We met Chris and Paul from Barnes & Webb – urban beekeepers that produce raw, local honey in the heart of London. We also met the lovely Kelly Castelete and found out about her experience as a brand new beekeeper, as well as exploring the pursuit of community beekeeping. The Natural Cook, Tom Hunt joined us again and shared a few sweet BBQ recipes from his garden, and we continued our hunt for nature’s wild foods. All this on top of the usual seasonal goodness and many other delicious things besides – enjoy! (read more…)




In Issue Nº6 we are celebrated the ingredient EDIBLE FLOWERS. We met the wonderful Jan Billington, an organic flower farmer in Devon who believes that edible flowers should not just as a pretty addition on the side of a plate. The talented Matthew Mason, Head Chef at The Jack in the Green, talked about his love for good local ingredients and shared a couple of incredibly tasty summer dishes. Plus, barbecue expert Marcus Bawdon showed us how to cook up some tasty wood-fired recipes. We took a look at the Kitchen Table Projects, a brilliant new London-based initiative that is passionate about helping up-and-coming food producers get their product out there. All this on top of the usual good stuff you’ve come to expect! So, grab your knives and forks and dig in! (read more…)



We celebrated not one but two ingredients in Issue Nº5 – one from the land and one from the sea. Our 1st, ORGANIC BEEF. We met the wonderful Tim & Jo Budden, organic farming legends who raise cattle in a truly natural environment. We explored why we should buy organic and find out how to adopt a cow. Our 2nd featured ingredient was EDIBLE SEAWEED. The good folk at Fore/Adventure showed us around their little patch of wild along a wonderful part of the Dorset coast. Jade & Dan also shared a short guide on edible seaweed and a few delicious foraged recipes. We also took a look at some the best ways to support local farmers and producers around the UK, and found out why it’s so important to shop locally. Plus there was a feast of simple, mouthwatering recipes for you to enjoy at home. (read more…)



In Issue N°4 we celebrated NATURAL BEER. We met Kaite & Jason from Kubla Beers, super lovely folk that brew small batches of natural, unfined beers on the edge of Exmoor National Park. We took a wander around one of the last working traditional malthouses in the UK and discovered how superior malt is made. We continued to learn about nature’s abundant wild food larder and introduced you to Jade and Dan, educational explorers in Dorset who share our passion for foraging. We started to explore the term ‘a sense of place’ and learnt how food connections affect the flavour of our food. Plus there was the usual pile of recipes that we hoped you will find useful in the kitchen. Enjoy! (read more…)



We put together a HEFTY 3rd issue for the month of April. It was rammed full of top stuff, including our celebrated ingredient  RARE BREED HOGGET. Tom Hunt, executive chef at Poco Bristol and author of the ‘The Natural Cook’ joined us and shared a few of his ‘root-to-fruit’ recipes throughout the month, and taught us how to eat more consciously. We introduced you to Jonty & Mel from Conygree Farm in the Cotswolds: a brilliant couple that raise rare breed hogget the natural way. And, we shared a guide on foraging and tips on how to grow your own food. Plus all the usual GrowEatGather goodness. Tuck in and enjoy! (read more…)



In the 2nd Issue of GrowEatGather we celebrated the ingredient STREAM-FED RAINBOW TROUT. We met the good farmers at Stream Farm – a brilliant sustainable farming model which shows that the British countryside is far better served by large numbers of small farms. Chef Phil Verden shared his delicious Smoked Rainbow Trout dish, we explored how Share Farming regenerates the countryside. And of course, there was a pile of recipes that we hoped you would find useful in the kitchen. (read more…)



In the 1st Issue of GrowEatGather, we celebrated the ingredient FREE-RANGE PORK. We met Donna Lucking, a pig farmer in Devon, and found out what free-range means to her. We learnt all about the history of domesticated pigs and profiled a few rare breeds. We interviewed Richard Guest, an award winning renegade chef with an amazing little bistro. We introduced you to a bunch of good folk doing what they can to fight food waste. Oh, and there was a pile of recipes that we hoped you would find useful in the kitchen. (read more…)