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LePetitChef_OpinelAlthough its the time of year where we see our littles ones heading back to the classroom in their perfectly ironed uniforms, there’s no better education then getting out in the fresh air at the weekends and seeing where our food really comes from.

This interest in food in the field has been proven to have a positive effect on children’s interest in what they eat, opening their eyes to how it actually arrives at the dinner table.  Encouraging kids to also prepare their food only cements the importance of eating well, emphasising the significance of using food as an efficient fuel for their bodies in a fun and interactive way.

Having kids in the kitchen can sometimes be a difficult task, however, it has the potential for tremendous fun too!  GrowEatGather have pulled together some of our favourite kitchen utensils and gadgets we suggest will make kitchen time as stress-free and fun-filled as possible!


Le Petit Chef Set, Opinel

French knife maker Opinel have created a miniature kitchen knife set that encourages children to properly hold a knife with the help of a index ring, ensuring little digits remain away from the blade.  With an additional finger guard for the guiding hand, this miniature tool set means your little Sous chefs can help with the chopping without the stresses unsavoury blades!



Not just for children, but for big kids too, spiralizers have become somewhat of a craze in the health food industry – but we think they’re perfect for little helpers.  Not only fun and incredibly easy to use, spiralizers are a great way of eliminating refined carbs, such as white pasta, out of your family’s daily diet.  Using vegetables such as courgettes and squashes in replacement, this is surely the funnest way to get your 5-a-day!


Ice Cream Maker

Super simple to use, ice cream makers are great when it comes to getting the kids involved in the kitchen.  Whilst allowing you to making healthy swaps in your recipes, like exchanging cream for yoghurt and unnatural sweeteners for fruit and raw honey, the kids can choose the flavours too.


Palm Peeler

Another great gadget to keep little fingers from blades is the palm peeler.  Sliding over your fingers and fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, this vegetable peeler allows for a steady grip and an easy peel, ideal for young chefs.


Pestle and Mortar

Although a staple for any kitchen, having a pestle and mortar on the worktop is a safe and simple way of getting kids involved in the kitchen.  Making homemade spice rubs is perfect for encouraging kids to get their hands dirty whilst causing minimal mess and stress for the head chef!  Durable and sturdy, a pestle and mortar is sure to stand the test of time.

Words by Helen Upshall
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