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fore:adventure_01We are thrilled to introduce you to Jade and Dan from Fore  /  Adventure, clever folk that have created an inspiring business that encourages people to live life through adventure. These educational explorers share our passion for wild food and strongly believe in making that connection between our environment and our plate. Over the coming months we will be joining them on a few foraging adventures along the stunning Jurassic Coast in Dorset where we’ll learn how to confidently identify nature’s free larder, and look at our local landscape in a completely different way. Plus they’ll be showing us how to cook up foraged finds in the great outdoors. We can’t wait!


Over to Jade and Dan…

At  Fore  /  Adventure  our life is lived through adventure, adventures can draw lessons from living in our environment and create experiences to share, we believe our most important role is to connect people with our culture and provide them with the tools and confidence to start forging some good times of their own.


We get up to a whole heap of antics on our coastal patch in Dorset, from foraging to fishing, bushcraft to beach school, kayaking to coasteering and wild food to wild camping, but the common thread that ties our adventuring days together is our die-hard love; food – we believe in making that connection between our environment and our plate. Not just because we think it’s good to understand our environment, or because we reckon it might be better for us, but because we love gathering around a table and feasting to our hearts content with the warm fuzzy feeling of having whiled away those glorious hours gathering and exploring in a setting about as beautiful as it gets.


We spent our former years working in the city and in outdoor centres, yearning to escape to move to the country for a slice of the good life and to live out an itching desire to connect with nature as more of our daily norm. The idea behind setting up  Fore  /  Adventure  was that we care about getting people outdoors and the positive impact it has on people’s lives. And we wanted a sense of adventure; we wanted a new challenge in a new place with our young family.




All photos provided by Fore  /  Adventure

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