eating consciously



We all understand and see that the present course that we have embarked upon is unsustainable. We are destroying our earth at a frightening speed and burning up our precious resources in an irresponsible manner. We all know this, right? We don’t want to keep banging on about this impending disaster, it’s rather exhausting! What we hope to do is show you that it is possible to prevent us from doing more harm to our poor planet and it all starts by making simple choices. Choices that involve supporting the good people who work hard to grow real food that is seasonal, local, whole and organic.

Over the coming month, we will be exploring ‘how to eat consciously’. We will be sharing simple, practical tips that will help us eat better, waste almost nothing and save money.

Our featured chef Tom Hunt explains how important it is to have a connection to your food…

“All good meals start with ingredients, so seek out the best you can. Connect to where your food comes from, even if it’s just talking to a market stall-holder or chatting to a fishmonger to find out how the fish was caught. This will help you value the food you are eating and respect its origins.”

“It’s a no-brainer that cooking with natural food means a healthier body and a healthier planet. Farming naturally, without the use of pesticides and fertilisers, helps our eco-system become more diverse, more fertile and more healthy.” – The Natural Cook

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