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As distinct in colour as flavour and aroma, who would have thought cheese could be so satisfying for all the senses.  This is until you discover the unique and distinctive cheddar that is Dorset Red.

Made on the Ashley Chase Estate, aptly sandwiched between the rolling pastures of the Dorset Downs and the amber cliffs of Jurassic Coast, Dorset Red is just one of many carefully cultivated cheeses to be produced by the award-winning cheese making team at Ford Farm.

Using only the richest milk from the grazing cattle on their Dorset Estate, the distinctly smoked, yet creamy interior is encased by a vivid red rind developed through a delicate and timely smoking process.  Oak-smoked at a local smokery just a stone’s throw away from the farm, this cheese offers a subtly satisfying, smoky aroma that lends itself perfectly to both alfresco dining and fireside feasts.

With a back catalogue of award-winning cheeses, including the cave-aged Wookey Hole Cheddar, Ford Farm are well renowned for their innovative approach to cheese making, researching and developing new flavour blends that take their traditional cheese making methods to another flavour level – and Dorset Red sure fits under this category.

Its slogan; “once bitten, forever smitten”, really is a true description of this heady cheese.  Great sprinkled over pasta, the base for a creamy, cheese sauce, or topped and melted on a mouth-watering burger, this really is a cheese to fire-up your food.

And vegetarian too, we couldn’t help but succumb to the smoke and use it in our latest seasonal recipe; Smoky Aubergine Burgers.

Struggling to find Dorset Red, look out for other local cheese markers also making cracking smoked cheese;

Snowdonia Cheese Company – Beechwood
Wensleydale Creamery – Oak Smoked Yorkshire Wensleydale
The Truckle Cheese Company – Oak Smoked Cheddar
The Swaledale Cheese Company – Richmond Smoked Cheese

Words by Helen Upshall

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