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Bursting with an intricate combination of sweet, warming vanilla, pleasantly pungent aniseed and the floral perfume of cardamom and clove, Chai is an aromatic ancient Asian spice blend that has won over the heads, hearts and stomachs of the British public in recent years.

Now readily available in many bars, cafes and restaurants up and down the country, this ancient Indian recipe dates back thousands of years, with records depicting its use for medicinal purposes, as well as being an intrinsic body-cleansing agent.

Although familiarly used in this country to add fragrance and comfort to an otherwise traditionally British mug of tea, chai’s warming aroma makes it the ideal comforting spice blend for cooking too with variations of chai now readily found in baking.  However, with so many precisely combined ingredients, it is often difficult to arrive at a perfectly balanced blend – until now!

With an 100% natural blend, Henny and Joe’s heady chai syrup encapsulates the traditional and distinguishable aromas of Chai, offering surprisingly authentic Asian flavour from their HQ in the quaint city of Bath, a million miles away from its original roots.

However, seeing an increased demand for this tricky spice blend in the restaurant, bars and cafes of Bath, founder Ash highlighted an instant niche in the market – a thoughtfully produced and precise chai syrup that delivered on flavour and convenience, with absolutely no artificial additives.  In 2013, Henny & Joe’s was born, with the South West food industry instantly taking it to its heart.

Along with a great brand and foodie ethos, a care and consciousness for the importance of sustainability means Henny and Joe’s make the best efforts to lessen their impact on the environment.  By the majority of their customers returning and reusing their empty bottles, and making all local deliveries by foot or on two wheels, Henny and Joe’s not only utterly delicious but environmentally friendly too.

As the proud winners of 2 gold awards from Taste of The West in only their second year of trading, Henny and Joe’s are swiftly putting their H&J stamp on the map – with their chai syrup’s versatility and honest ingredients it is hardly surprising!


Here at GrowEatGather we love our cider, and this Hot Apple Chai recipe really hits the spot;  Simply add 1 – 2 tbsp of chai syrup to a cup of cider and warm gently on the hob for 2 – 3 minutes – one deliciously decadent hot apple toddy!

Chai Bread & Butter Pudding with Cardamom Custard



[Photo =  Henny & Joe’s website]

Words by Helen Upshall

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