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BROWN TROUT [Salmo trutta morpha fario.]

Also known as the River or Lake Trout, the Brown Trout is indigenous to many European countries including Britain. There is also a saltwater variety found typically in coastal waters of northern Europe is known as the Sea Trout.


No fish is more variable than the Brown Trout, It can be a silvery fat fish with small black spots, a small thin blackish fish of a few grams with a few large red or black spots, or a heavily spotted monster up to 10kg (20lb). However, most commonly, the adult fish are more or less dark brownish with numerous black and rusty red spots on its upper sides and its adipose fin is edged with orange.


The freshwater Brown Trout is found in a variety of habitats from streams to large rivers and lakes. In streams and rivers they will lie in deep runs, in pools and in holes under the bank, moving into shallower water to feed. In lakes, they tend to keep to relatively shallow water where feeding is best, coming to the surface in the evening or during a hatch of flies.

All trout require purer water than most fish, with a high oxygen content and relatively low temperature.


Trout spawn in autumn and winter on shallows in running water, the female making a redd or small depression in the gravel. In a small stream, these redds can be easily seen because the gravel appears paler where it has been disturbed. Big trout can be seen spawning, their backs often out of the water. River trout usually move upstream to selected spawning areas, lake trout move into streams.


Trout are carnivorous but beyond that will eat anything. Some of the differences in diet shown by different types are mentioned above. Most trout, however, feed actively on insects both larval and adult stage and it is this habit which has led to the development of fly fishing as the most usual way of catching trout. Larger specimens are often actively predatory, taking minnows and other small fish, as well as their young, when these are available in sufficient numbers.


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