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Widely bred and easily reared, goats have long been a nomadic animal that carries great worth all around the globe. As one of the first dairy products known to man, goat’s milk, and more recently cheese, has been produced for thousands of years, although falling out of popularity as the greater yielding cow’s milk became […]


Goat Power – an unconventional method being used to help restore the famous rare and endangered plants around the Avon Gorge in Bristol, one of the UK’s most important botanical sites. Since June 2011 and with active management from the Avon Gorge & Downs Wildlife Project, a herd of six feral male goats have been chomping […]


Ditch the traditional, refined sugar-packed treats this Halloween and try this easy to make, wholesome alternative. Dates are a natural sweetener filled with a good dose of healthy vitamins and minerals. Whiz them up with a bit of milk and coconut oil and you have nature’s seriously good version of caramel sauce.