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Adopt Your Own Apple Tree – a unique concept being offered by Stream Farm. The scheme started in September 2013 with the aim of “creating a stronger relationship with buyers, getting them involved in farm activities and securing a more reliable market”. It is a farmer– led initiative and anyone can adopt a tree for £50 a year in return for a share of organic apple juice. As the juice is made from a blend of different varieties, this is equivalent to a case of 750ml bottles.

Members can either get their juice delivered or collect it directly at the farm. People joining the scheme also receive a beautifully designed Cropshares certificate stating that they have adopted a tree at Stream Farm. The share can be bought as a gift for a friend or a relative.


The orchard is situated on one of the south-facing hills of the farm and it comprises 928 apple trees of five different varieties – Bramley, Red Windsor, Red Devils, Egremont Russet, and Red Falstaff – from which they created a unique blend of organic apple juice which tastes refreshing and sophisticated. In 2012, Stream Farm’s apple juice won a bronze at the prestigious Taste of the West awards.

Stream Farm sells its apple juice in smart glass bottles, by the case, in both 750ml and 330ml size. They deliver their apple juice within a radius of about 20 miles of the farm, in Bristol/Bath and within much of central London for free. They regularly drive up the A303 and the M3, or the M5 and the M4, so they can deliver close to those roads and they do a fairly regular delivery as well to Oxford.

Email Sam to find out more.

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